Who is Impacted by SB606 in Florida: A Comprehensive Guide

SB606, also known as the Boating Safety Act of 2022, is a state bill that has significant implications for marinas and other boat rental operators in Florida. If you are a marina owner or operator, it is important to understand who is impacted by SB606 and how the bill may affect your business.

So, who is impacted by SB606 in Florida? Here is a comprehensive guide:

  1. Boat rental operators (liveries). SB606 applies to all boat rental operators (liveries) in Florida, including both commercial and peer-to-peer operators. This means that if you own or operate a marina or other business that rents out boats, personal watercraft, or other recreational watercraft, you are impacted by SB606.
  2. Renters of boat rental equipment. SB606 also affects renters of boat rental equipment in Florida. The bill requires boat rental operators to provide pre-rental safety and operational instructions to renters and to display boating safety information in a visible location. This is intended to help ensure the safety of renters and prevent accidents on the water.
  3. Insurance providers. SB606 also has implications for insurance providers in Florida. The bill requires boat rental operators to have a minimum of $100,000 in insurance coverage for rented equipment. Insurance providers that offer coverage for boat rental operators will need to be familiar with the requirements of SB606 and offer coverage that meets the bill’s specifications.

Overall, SB606 impacts a wide range of individuals and businesses in Florida, including boat rental operators, renters of boat rental equipment, and insurance providers. It is important for these groups to understand the requirements of the bill and to take the necessary steps to comply with it in order to avoid any potential legal consequences and to help ensure the safety of renters on the water.